Transition Ahead

Greetings friends!

God is leading change for National Youth Ministries (NYM) and for me. After eleven years at Assemblies of God National Youth Ministries, four as national Youth Alive director and seven as national youth director, the Lord is leading me and my family to a new assignment encompassing student ministry. Soon, I will be leaving National Youth Ministries and engaging a new leadership responsibility.

I have accepted an invitation from the Board of Directors of Assemblies of God Family Services Agency (AGFSA) to serve as its next executive director. My heart is filling with fresh dreams for this remarkable compassion ministry.

AGFSA transforms underdogs into Kingdom favorites. Hillcrest Children’s Home is a haven and hope for orphans. Highlands Maternity Home and Life Center is a transformational ticket for young women and babies of unplanned pregnancies. Both are avenues of opportunity to married couples dreaming of adoption. The new Murry Transitional Living Center is a gifted gateway to independent living for emerging adult graduates of Hillcrest and new mothers of Highlands. There are thirty-eight AGFSA gifted and loving team players making it happen at the 65 acre campus in Hot Springs, AR.

AGFSA has had good leadership but it is not fully known by nearly enough of the Assemblies of God. It is a multifaceted diamond in the breadbasket of its birth. AGFSA needs the Assemblies of God. And the Assemblies of God needs AGFSA.

God loves students and their youth leaders! And we are not leaving either. God is simply shifting the placement of our hand upon the stem of the umbrella known as Assemblies of God youth ministry. There are many hands on the stem: local leaders, districts, NYM, parents, para-church ministries, evangelists, etc. Each serves a distinctive role that makes the whole.

Laura, our children and I are extremely grateful for many friends like you. Many of you have been incredibly encouraging to us at pivotal moments. Many others have been most faithful in other countless ways. Thank you for embracing us through the years! I envision a great value for you and your ministries with those of AGFSA. Can we dream a bit together? Some underdog children and students need you.

We are indelibly imprinted by and grateful to the directorial team and staff at NYM. Wow, these have been and are amazing people and often the closest of friends! God has higher plans ahead for this vital part of student ministry in the Assemblies of God. We deeply love and respect the ministry and its people. We remain faithful fans.

Springfield has been and is a blessing to me and my family. All four of my kids have had the same youth pastor. (Testimony!) Our pastor is a relentless God chaser. The community is ripe with love and great education. The AG National Leadership and Resource Center is full of choice, godly people. It has been a tremendous honor to serve under amazing men of God who nationally lead the Fellowship. All of it is incredibly humbling. We are forever thankful for the confidence and trust that has been invested in us. We aim to increase the value of the investment.

For a period of time I will commute weekly between Springfield and Hot Springs to allow for family transition. We are most appreciative to board chairman Doug Clay and the AGFSA Board of Directors for their graciousness in this matter.

When God turns the pages of our lives, He does not expect us to dedicate less for Him. It is my intent to passionately, but humbly, pursue Him and His people in this new chapter of ministry. May God be glorified!

I look forward to sharing more with you about the amazing AGFSA ministry, endeavor and opportunity in the days ahead.

Jay Mooney


8 thoughts on “Transition Ahead

  1. Mahalo, Jay! I admire your leadership and passion for what God lays before you! Thank you for your work with NYM; we are blessed to call you ohana! I’m sure I can speak for all the Hawai’i Youth Ministry leaders when I say “Mahalo!” and come visit!

  2. Hello,
    This is Pamela Tucker one of your facebook friends who have prayed over you and many others in our communities. I also have been trying to raise funds for orphans in India, and I have been going through changes myself. I am a member of Assembly of God, but I also minister where the Lord leads. Please do email me any time and prayers are always welcome. It is very hard to find support. I need work before I start my classes in the fall, and I have been asking for prayer in two areas, home healthcare, and also in my art work. To keep this ministry of trying to raise funds for the orphans going…I will always pray for you and glad you are making good gain in the kingdom of God with the youth…and so forth…Alway praying!

  3. Jay you have been such an awesome leader for NYM! Your passion has been contagious & the A/G as a whole has greatly benefited from your leadership. We are sad to see you go from NYM, but know that God is using you for greater things in His plan.

  4. Hello,
    This is Joseph SD from Burma, I’ve read your blog. Wonderful ! Wonderful ! I get a lot of courage from your blog. May the Lord Bless your days richly!

  5. Hey Jay!
    I cannot wait to see where the Lord leads you! Thank you for filling the shoes that god has provided!

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