AGFSA is home to some cool students that need your love!

During a recent dinner and ice cream night together with some of our teen boys I was magnetized by their dreams for the future and their growing love for Jesus.  My heart swelled with jealousy for these guys, including Dakota, who God has called to be a youth pastor.  

Brian, one of our students, was just recognized as a state Fine Arts merit award winner in the category of guitar solo.  Two of his group home brothers will also join him in a journey to the National Youth Convention and Fine Arts Festival later this summer.

But these timely testimonies are chased by a growing challenge.

The fatherless challenge in America is in crescendo.

As was recently described in the New York Times, illegitimacy is the “new norm” in America.  41% of all births are now out of wedlock.  And among the predominate birth group (ages 30 and under) the rate escalates to 59%.  If we think we have a fatherless crisis in our country, we ain’t seen nothing yet!  These statistics paint a picture of the emerging decade.  And God is calling His Church to love the lost, heal the hurting and restore the broken in this crisis.  It is an evangelistic and discipleship ministry of care and prevention. (James 1:27)

Can you help us with some unique needs now?

We need a special $5,000 gift ASAP for our summer ministry program.  That gift will enable us to minister the Word of God, laughter and fun to kids of Hillcrest Children’s Home.

We need $10,000 for security equipment.

We need three new computers and furniture for the commons room in our new Transitional Living Center.

And there are numerous other ways to support identified in our regularly published “needs list.”  Information on all the ways you and others can help are found online at  Or, you can email my office directly at

AGFSA sincerely needs more caring partnership!  We need your prayer.  We need financial partners and child sponsorships; with those faithful funds we can minister to our potential.  If God is leading you to consider becoming a financial partner, please visit for information how to become a partner.

Please love these underdogs with us.  Let their identity be found in Christ and His Kingdom, not in crisis and a desperate world.  Let them grow up as the champions God designed them to be for this world.


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