What is the ROI at COMPACT Hillcrest Campus?

What is the return on investment (ROI) made in fatherless children and youth at Hillcrest Children’s Home or Highlands Maternity Home and Placement Center?

TAMARA was born of a rescued young woman living in the Highlands Maternity Home in 1980.  She was adopted by a loving Assemblies of God family.  Today she and her ordained Assemblies of God husband have two sons.  Tomorrow she joins the staff of Assemblies of God COMPACT Family Services as the agency’s Health Services Coordinator.  Tamara is a registered nurse with an accomplished background in pediatric and neonatal nursing.  She will provide wonderful nursing care to children and youth at the COMPACT Hillcrest Campus.  She will invest professional and compassionate education to pregnant young ladies at the same ministry from which she found her own redemption.

As people gave to this ministry, they were not only rescuing a child or youth in crisis, they were, and are, redeeming futures!  It’s an expanding return from a selfless investment.

Two weeks ago four beautiful girls at Hillcrest Children’s Home graduated from high school.  These four teenage girls have benefited greatly from the competent care of loving staff.  Last week they moved into the agency’s Murry Transitional Living Center at the COMPACT Hillcrest Campus to begin a college and career future.  Will God someday send one of these girls back to serve or lead this ministry in a career just like Tamara and others before her?

Because people give generously and faithfully to this ministry, God is redeeming lives through this historic ministry!  Over 4,000 families have been directly served through the decades of this ministry.  The ROI is still growing one by one, but compounding by years.  God knows the full return.

At COMPACT we have heard God’s call and confidence to do more.  Next month, in faith we open additional ministry programs for therapeutic, treatment and respite care.  As we grow, we are looking for competently caring Christian couples and individuals to join our team as houseparents and professional social workers.  Perhaps God is calling you to join us?

Please pray for God’s favor upon COMPACT and its people.  We’re on a mission to redeem the fatherless. (James 1:27)

May the great favor of God be yours!


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