Time for the will of God!

Ministry life (if not all parts) is busier than ever!  But as a wise man once noted, “There is always time for the will of God.”  

With more communication roads today than ever, ministry life has been proportionately affected.  What’s one to do?  How can one keep up?  In short, even for the ministry leader at times it seems that there is no way to slow the demand to succeed!

There is only one answer – let God manage life!  Maybe everything on demand or the agenda is not God’s will. 


Is God’s will for your life being marginalized by things that are not His will?  When He has first time, he helps marginalize things outside of His will for the day either by divine intervention or divine wisdom.  Even though the demands or agenda remain, one can find the peace of God through time with God in the midst of the time’s storm.  Ultimately, it is my responsibility to let God manage my time. 

Jesus knew how to prioritize time.  

The Son reserved time with the Father even when others were still calling.  He knew that the Father’s will was essential to meeting the world’s cry.  Time alone with the Father was not always for an hour of prayer or even prepatory prayer.  Sometimes it was for rest.

“Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Psalm 37:4) Rest can be found through delighting oneself in the LORD. It opens the door to desiring and receiving right things.

Sometimes you can and should read the righteous book YOU DESIRE TO RESTFULLY READ rather than the book you or another think you should read.  Sometimes it is important to write what YOU WANT TO WRITE rather than what success demands on write. Sometimes it is right to study what YOU LONG TO STUDY and not just what you must study for another. This is not to be confused with selfishness.  It’s not that what one wants should be priority all the time, but sometimes it is important to forget the demand to succeed and prioritize mental, physical and spiritual health. 

Sabbath is the will of God. God rested from Creation work. What makes humanity think succesful can’t rest? Sometimes rest is key.  
Jesus taught His disciples to prioritize time waiting on God.  Peter got a fresh vision in Joppa after a time of waiting.  He got Saul’s (Paul’s) attention with three blind days.   

Rest or be arrested.

It takes time with God to be a man or woman of God.

There may not be time for everything, but there is always time for God’s will!  That is good.


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